Who Else Wants to Stay Motivated?

This is perhaps the most common question I get with regard to fitness. Getting started is hard, but sometimes sticking to the plan is even harder. Sometimes, we lose sight of our reasons for becoming fit. Sometimes, the goal seems just too damn far away. 

I have 2 tips for staying on track, and most importantly, keeping a positive attitude toward your journey.

Bite size

Just like any plan of action, your fitness goal should be broken down into bite-size, maybe even easy steps. Perhaps your goal can be reached in 6 months.

What are the milestones you’d like to reach each month?

What needs to happen each week to stay on track with the monthly schedule?

What needs to happen on the daily?

Bite-size steps, daily habits create big results over time.

If you sneak these baby steps into your daily tasks, checking them off your to-do list will make you feel really good.

Focus on expansion, not restriction

Instead of centering your attention on the number on the scale getting smaller, focus on expansion. More activity, more steps, more resistance, more distance.

This is where my advice is going to differ from a lot of coaches.

I want all of your cumulative actions to add up to a feeling of vibrancy and joy.

Calorie restriction is joyless. I’ve been there.

By focusing on expanding your body’s capabilities you will find much more joy and pride in your fitness journey.

When you’ve reached your current goal, chances are you’ve discovered the next goal you want to focus on.

There is always more to do.

Elizabeth Romsloe