The Secret to Never Throwing Out Your Back

How many times have you heard of someone throwing out their back doing something stupid, like picking trash off the floor or pulling a sweater out of the bottom drawer?

Perhaps you’re the star of this story.

I see it all the time and it’s totally preventable.

So much of what I teach comes down to rethinking how we move in our daily lives.

I have a theory that modesty plays a role in the inefficient and downright dangerous manners in which most people, especially ladies, pick things up from low places.

For some reason, the typical movement pattern involves flexing the spine, hunching over and letting your core collapse.

This means that in order to stand up straight again, you’re relying on muscles that should be stabilizers (holding things in place) to do the work of the primary movers (the muscles responsible for the movement).

The very act of remaining modest, whether conscious or not, by not sticking your butt out, keeping it tucked while your spine bends forward, is exactly what puts your back health in peril!

The proper and healthy way to pick things up has two elements that are codependent.

First is having an engaged core.

Keeping your core engaged means that your spine will remain neutral throughout the movement.

How, then, am I supposed to reach the floor?

The hip hinge!

Yup. Your primary mover should be your booty.

Keep your spine neutral and use your hip joint as a hinge and fold forward from there.(pro-tip: this is the foundation for a deadlift, omg)

Here’s the thing:

You’ve gotta stick your butt out!

I know, that’s not lady-like, but trust me.

Your butt WANTS to do this for you.

Those underactive glutes are begging to be used, because sitting on them all day ain’t doing them any favors.

In the hip hinge, the glutes are your primary movers.

It’s a pretty large muscle group, so let them do their job!

Your back will thank you.

Elizabeth Romsloe