Build a Booty Like Kim K.

Hump Day Wednesday really does deserve to a dedicated leg day, or GLUTE day, hence the hump. I have gathered for you videos of my 5 favorite booty busting/building/rounding/perkifying exercises.

These videos are not just demonstrations. Nope. Each of these videos is a detailed explanation of how to execute each movement, as approved by yours truly, Booty Enthusiast, Ellie.

#1 The Deadlift

No workout routine is complete without a compound movement and the deadlift is the mamajama of them all. Alan Thrall’s explanation of how to do a deadlift is in plain language and easy to apply. Please don’t get thrown off by his death metal intro. It’s good stuff.

Dead Lift

Also, he produced an auxiliary video highlighting the importance of the hip hinge within the deadlift. Lack of hip hinge is maybe the biggest reason people injure themselves while doing deadlifts. Please be sure to watch this one as well.

Deadlift Detail

#2 Hip Thrusts

This is a great exercise because it is so darn versatile. You probably already know this exercise in the form of the glute bridge. There are a million different ways to execute this. Shoulders on a bench with your feet on the ground. Feet on the bench with your shoulders on the ground. Single leg. With or without weight…. You get the point. Here is Bret Contreras, aka The Glute Guy, and his explanation.

Hip Thrust

#3 Hip ABduction

Yeah, that suspicious looking machine at the gym that is awkwardly reminiscent of a trip to the OBGyn. That one. This exercise targets muscles in the legs and hips that are usually under-active. Why is that? If you sit with your legs crossed often, you’re spending a lot of time with them relaxed and lengthened at the same time. Don’t skip this one.


Warning: do not load up the ADduction in hopes of getting skinnier thighs or chasing the elusive thigh gap. It won’t work.

#4 Back Extension

A bit of a misnomer, this exercise is another hip extension. Bret Contreras is at it again with pretty much the ONLY video on YouTube I could find on how to use this piece of equipment properly. Bonus: Superset this movement with a hamstring curl and you’re really business.

Back Extension

If your gym doesn’t have a Back Extension or GHD you can make things up. Seriously.

Without Dedicated Equipment

#5 Bulgarian Split Squat

I am not sure why exercises always sound more bada$$ when they hail from somewhere: Romanian Deadlift, Russian Twist, Bulgarian Split Squat. This is just a variation on the split squat where the back leg is elevated. I am a firm believer in single leg exercises to mitigate any imbalances in strength that might be lurking around. Here is Abby Pollock with an explanation of the do’s and don’t’s...

Bulgarian Split Squat

And, there you have it. A complete Booty Day Workout routine. Happy Hump Day, Ladies!

Elizabeth Romsloe