Shut Up and Deadlift


It sounds scary.

But if you do ONE THING in a gym, I want you to deadlift.

But I heard deadlifts are bad for your back.
So-and-so injured themselves doing deadlifts.

Deadlifts don’t hurt you.

Bad form hurts you.

You know what does hurt?

Pulling your back while lifting something that ISN'T a weight… like in real life.

And therein lies my point.

The deadlift is my favorite lift for a reason.

The deadlift might be that single most valuable lift that exists.

Don’t call them "deadlifts."

Call them "practice lifts."

Everything you do in the gym is practice for the real world. If you’re very active, lifting helps you get better at those activities and reduces injury.

Lifting brings awareness to how you move your body. You are literally practicing until the movement becomes second nature.

When performed correctly, the deadlift is hands down the safest way to pick up anything off the ground

You brace the core, minimizing, even eliminating extension or flexion in the spine, preventing wear and tear on the discs.

You use your glutes and hamstrings to do the heavy lifting. These are huge muscles and this is what they were meant to do!

When they say lift with your legs and not with your back, this is what they mean.

The minute you left your spine flex, ie your ribs to cave down toward the hips and your back muscles to stretch, creating a rounded lack, you are relying on your back extensors to pick you and whatever your lifting back up again. That’s not what that muscle was meant to do.

This is how you hurt yourself. Bulging discs, disc degeneration, pulled muscles… it’s all because you’re too modest to stick your butt out when you pick something up, so you keep your pelvis tucked and bend at the waist instead of using your hip hinge.

As I tell my clients, you want to emulate that booty in da club or pretend you are giving your best friend the most thorough mooning of their life.

Either way, you’ve got to stick out your butt in order to keep your core braced and safe.

You learn this doing deadlifts. Practice lifts. In a safe, controlled environment, gradually increasing your resistance.

If you don’t do anything right now, please do this ONE thing. If you are a cardio junkie, do this ONE lift. Runners, especially you. Strong glutes just make you a better runner. If you’re active in general and think playing the local league of whatever, or taking daily walks makes you exempt from the gym, you’re not. Deadlift. Practice lift. Whatever you want to call it to overcome the fear of potential injury. Done correctly, this will do more to prevent injury that it will ever cause. There is not a single person who would not benefit from this lift.