Responsibility: Are You Ready For It?

I want to talk about responsibility. But not the kind of responsibility that means showing up on time, or doing things you said you would do. Nay. I speak of taking responsibility for the conditions and circumstances with which you are living right now.

It is a bitter pill to swallow. Pushing all the messy society-imposed body image issues aside (that's a whole different blog post!), anything you like or dislike about where you are right now is a direct result of the choices you have made.

But I didn't choose to be overweight!

That's not what I said. The choices you made led you to be that way. The happy hours, the eating out instead of bringing your lunch, the cookie swap, the time you choose to spend not exercising. The innocuous combination of empty calories, inactivity, and stress can all add to devastating results over the long haul. And then it happens:

How did I get here?

The choices you made, sunshine. But self-awareness is the first step. Then there is discomfort. Then, finally, the decision to change. This is when the biggest offense occurs: people say they want to lose weight, even complain that they are not, but then refuse to change the choices they make day to day. Their actions are not in line with their goals.

We make an average of 35,000 decisions a day (says the internet somewhere) and many of those choices regard our health to some extent. Yes, that is a lot of decision-making, and this is why willpower is finite.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This is why it breaks my heart to see people invest in their health when they are unwilling, nay, not ready to take responsibility for the choices they make on a daily basis. No personal trainer with client success stories has ever waved a magic wand and shredded 8 body fat percentage points off their client. No.

For change to happen, the client has to do the work.

Terrifying and liberating. Terrifying If you're not ready to come out from behind the b.s. reasons you tell yourself ABC fitness program doesn't work. But if you are really and truly ready to embrace responsibility and quit hiding behind excuses, it is the most exciting thing to know that you are in control, baby!

Change won't happen overnight but know that you are empowered, and your choices DO have an effect on your body. You're no longer a victim of circumstance. You're a warrior goddess on a mission.  It is with this mindset that you can accept the advice that is given to you and take action.

If you're on a fitness journey and not making the progress you’d like to see, I implore you to take a hard look at your day. If you're on a program, do you hit every workout? Do you follow the diet plan to a T? If not, why?

I wish I could close this blog with some advice on how to find that fire, but the truth is, if you're not ready, you're not ready. If I could bottle it up, I'd give it away for free because no-one should be without it. I’ll leave you with this:

Are your actions, even the most minute ones, in line with what you want?