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the return on time invested training the posterior chain is greater than any other part of the body.
— coach ellie

translation: a strong booty is a healthy booty.


The Superior Posteriortm is a protocol I use in sessions with all my clients. This methodology uses tools and movements that are proven to combat the most common ailments of our modern day lifestyle. It's more than personal training; every aspect of your life can be touched by the work we do together.

You’ll see relief from:

  • lugging your massive purse everywhere

  • the tightness and exhaustion of sitting all day

  • the stress that you carry in your body

What you’ll gain:

  • back and core strength to lift the torso and improve posture

  • improved mobility and more energy

  • activated legs and glutes to burn tons of calories

Great workout and even better instruction. Elizabeth is amazing and her attention to detail and form makes this a unique class that’s almost like a personal training session. Highly recommend!!
Elizabeth is awesome!!! This is a great workout, and she focuses a lot on form and really pushing you. I am sure I will be in a lot of (good) pain tomorrow.
With her expertise, encouragement and innovation, I have been able to address pain and mobility issues that were very close to leading me down a path of surgery and pain killers...NOT the path I wanted to take. Instead I feel and look better, have more energy and a better attitude. I’ve worked out for years but with Ellie I’m finally doing it right.
— Joe